Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marilyn Meredith- Twelve Question Tuesday

Today I welcome Marilyn Meredith to Twelve Question Tuesday.  

1.  Please tell me the three most important things people should know about you. 
I have a big family, my five children gave me eighteen grandchildren and thirteen great-grands and I enjoy being with them all. Writing is my passion. I’ve published thirty-five books, mostly mysteries.

2.  Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I’m a cat person. We have two inside cats, brothers, Butch and Sundance. Because my husband feeds all strays, we have too many outside cats. We live in the country and strangers think it’s okay to dump off the cats they don’t want. It isn’t okay.

3.  Tea or coffee?
My favorite is Chai latte which I can make at home. But when I’m out and about I adore McDonald’s vanilla flavored iced coffee.

4.  Boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, or commando? (Either what you prefer or what you prefer on others.) 
Since I don’t wear them, I don’t really care. I’m at the stage in life when it comes to anything I put on my body it has to be comfortable.

5.  What was the first thing you ever wrote?
The very first story I put on paper was in pictures. It was my own version of Our Gal Sunday, a radio soap opera my mother listened too. I didn’t know how to write words yet. When I was a bit older and able to read and write, I wrote an illustrated story about fairies that I actually sent to a publisher. It was rejected of course, but nicely.

6.  When did you finally decide to call yourself a writer?
Probably not as soon as I should have.  When I was in grammar school, I wrote plays for the neighborhood kids to perform in. In middle school I wrote and illustrated a teen magazine which I sold for a nickel to my friends. When my own kids were in school, I was the PTA newsletter editor for four years and wrote plays for my Camp Fire Girls. Though I wrote some short stories and two full-length novels that did not go anywhere, it wasn’t until I wrote and rewrote a 500 page historical family saga (that eventually got published) that I thought of myself as a real writer.

7.  Which of your works are you most proud to have written?
I always think my latest book is the best one. I’ve been proud of all of my published works, but I keep learning so I think each one is better than the last. So, that means Spirit Shapes, my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery is my best. But I recently finished my next Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel, Murder in the Worst Degree, is the best.

8.  What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
Most of the scariest things happened when I was a kid. I went off on my own far too often without telling anyone where I was going so things could’ve been even scarier. I’ve been lost in a neighborhood I didn’t know, had a man try to molest me on a streetcar—hit him with a heavy book and he got jumped off the streetcar, when I went inside my house when no one was home, discovered an intruder, while babysitting someone tried to break in, and I could go on, but won’t.

9.  How did you end up getting published? 
When my historical saga was finished I sent off to one publisher after another (this was long ago when you sent the typewritten manuscript off in a box with another box inside with a return address and postage), rewrote which also meant retyping (no computers back then) all 500 pages about every fifth rejection. I was nearing thirty rejections when I got an acceptance.  (And I’ve had plenty of rejections since then, but I’m not easily discouraged.)

10.  Would you be food or fighter if the zombie apocalypse were to happen?
I’d definitely be a fighter—I’d be fighting to protect my family.

11.  What is the most daring thing you have ever done? 
I was on my way to pick up my son from high school and when I drove by a local park, I saw four men carrying a young woman off. She was screaming and fighting.  I stopped the car, jumped out and went running toward the group, swinging my purse and yelling. The men dropped the girl and ran off and she ran in another direction. I got back in my old VW bus and went on to the school. As a mother, I was a fierce avenger of anyone in trouble. It wasn’t until I was a middle-aged grandmother, I realized I probably was neither strong enough or scary enough to take on bad guys by myself.

12.  Would you rather be rich or famous--and you could only have one-- and why?  The fame would be based on something good, not something like being the best serial killer or anything like that. 
Being recognized as a writer would be good. It is frustrating to pour so much of yourself into your work and not be known as a writer except by some of your peers and a few fans.

Blurb for Spirit Shapes: Ghost hunters stumble upon a murdered teen in a haunted house. Deputy Tempe Crabtree's investigation pulls her into a whirlwind of restless spirits, good and evil, intertwined with the past and the present, and demons and angels at war.

Bio: Marilyn Meredith is the author of over thirty published novels, including the award winning Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series. She borrows a lot from where she lives in the Southern Sierra for the town of Bear Creek and the surrounding area, including the nearby Tule River Indian Reservation. She does like to remind everyone that she is writing fiction. Marilyn is a member of EPIC, three chapters of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. Visit her at http://fictionforyou.com and follow her blog at http://marilynmeredith.blogspot.com/
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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thank you, Holli, for allowing me to visit with you today. You and your family are among my favorites. I read this over and see that I missed some typos, but guess it wouldn't be from me if there weren't a couple.

Janet Greger said...

Marilyn, I love how you answered the boxer or brief question. I've answered my Holli's 12 questions but am waiting to send them to her until Ignore the Pain is published. I'm afraid now that some of my answers sound like yours. Maybe I should rewrite!
JL Greger

Patricia Gligor said...

I love your "Twelve Question Tuesday."
I enjoyed learning more about you. You certainly are a determined woman and a fighter - two personality characteristics necessary to becoming a successful writer, which you certainly are!

jrlindermuth said...

I see the gist of another book in that image of you swinging your pocketbook and chasing off the bad guys. Good answers to the questions.

marja said...

Marilyn, You're such a little woman, I would have loved to see you chase off the bad guys in the park. Size doesn't matter when you're trying to protect someone. : ) Great interview!
Marja McGraw

Anonymous said...

A wonderful interview with such fun questions. I'd love to participate in 12 Question Tuesdays, if you have the time.

Anonymous said...

A fun interview with really different questions that give insight into the interviewee.
I'd love to participate in the 12 Question Tuesdays whenever you have room for me.
Thonie Hevron

The Stiletto Gang said...

H'mm, I commented on everyone's comments, but they disappeared. Here goes again. Thanks, Patricia, I am definitely a fighter, especially when it comes to my family.

JR, I don't physically take on anyone anymore, but you can be sure my character, Tempe Crabtree, does and will.

I wasn't so little back then, and much more fit--it was a lot of years ago. Also didn't think before I acted. No cell phones to call 911.

Holli Castillo said...

Marilyn, sorry it took me so long to comment, but thanks for being here today!

Janet, you can send me your answers and pick a Tuesday as far in the future as you would like for me to schedule.

Thonie, email me hhcas@cox.net and I'll send you the questions.

Barbara M. Hodges said...

Wow! And I thought I knew you.

Eileen Obser said...

Great to see Marilyn here on your Twelve Question Tuesday blog. It's a great concept, and I enjoy learning more about Marilyn. She is a true force!

Anonymous said...

I always love hearing from you, Marilyn! Great questions, Holli. Looking forward to reading Murder in the Worst Degree. I'm almost finished reading Spirit Shapes, and loving it. I won't give away anything, but several times, I've gotten shivers! Excellent descriptions evoking a sense of place and emotion...


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Well, you do know me pretty well, Barbara, we just don't get to see each other enough.

Thank you, Eileen.

Glad I scared you a bit, Madeline, that was the whole idea.