Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jackie Taylor Zortman- Twelve Question Tuesday

 Today I welcome Jackie Taylor Zortman to Twelve Question Tuesday.

1.  Please tell me the three most important things people should know about you.
I’m the wife of a 42-year veteran retired cop, a mother/grandmother with 3 kids/6 grandkids (one deceased) and I live in the Colorado high country.

2.  Are you a dog person or a cat person?
I used to be both, but as I’ve “matured”, we only have one Siamese cat named Kichai.

3.  Tea or coffee?
Just one cup of black coffee a day, first thing in the morning.

4.  Boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, or commando? (Either what you prefer or what you prefer on others.)
Since I don’t wear guy underwear, I like briefs on my hubby. 

5.  What was the first thing you ever wrote? 
A poem called “Inside the Pewter Box”. 

6.  When did you finally decide to call yourself a writer?
When I became a pretty regular writer for the journal called “Spouses of Police Officers”, back in the 90s.  After that, I had numerous articles and short stories published over the years, as well as being a contributing author to several anthologies, including the one presently on the market “Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides.  I have two chapters in that.

7.  Which of your works are you most proud to have written?
My book “We Are Different Now” that came out on June 2, 2013.

8.  What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
Having the county coroner come to the door at 6:30 a.m. on July 5, 2010 to tell us that there had been an accident and our 21-year-old grandson had been killed when he fell 100 feet off a mountain ledge.  He died instantly from a skull fracture.

9.  How did you end up getting published?
With my book, an author friend who had reviewed my manuscript mentioned two possible publishers and they both accepted it.  So, I just decided that the first one that got a contract to me would be the one I signed with.  That is Oak Tree Press.  But my very first story that was published was in the Journal of the Colorado Police Protective Association, again back in the 90s.

10.  Would you be food or fighter if the zombie apocalypse were to happen?
I would have to fight as hard as I could, which is probably pretty tenuous.  I’m taking care of my post-surgical husband at the moment and he feels great, but I ache from head to toe.

11.  What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
Nice try, but that will never go on the internet.   How about this instead?  I was in the patrol car with my husband one night when he was chief when a routine patrol suddenly turned into a high speed chase.  I was terrified because we live in the mountains with curvy ledges that drop into deep canyons and rivers and we were going 96 mph.  I just kept quiet and held a death grip on the seat.  I’ve never wanted to do that again and that was 20+ years ago.

12.  Would you rather be rich or famous--and you could only have one-- and why?  The fame would be based on something good, not something like being the best serial killer or anything like that.
Fame as an author would be wonderful because they are the ones who make the big bucks and it would be great to have publishing houses anxious for your next manuscript.  However, that probably isn’t realistic at this point in time.  I do live in a small town where everybody knows what time you take your bath, so I’m sure the whole town is aware of my book. If not, my marketing skills really need honing.  So, in lieu of fame, I’ll pick being rich because it would make life so much easier in this day and age.

WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW – Jackie Taylor Zortman
Pete died beside the river in the pitch black of night after falling 100 feet to the rock-strewn canyon floor.  It took three seconds and he died instantly from a skull fracture. He was only 21-years-old and the apple of his maternal grandmother’s eye.  Come with me on my journey through death on the mountain.  Read the true story of what has been revealed to us since we lost this young man with an angelic face and who was born possessing an old soul.

E-mail:  jtzortman@ouraynet.com

My blog:  http://jtzortman.wordpress.com

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John M. Wills said...

Great interview with a great lady.

Christy Campbell said...

I loved reading this! Jackie is amazing. I am a big fan of hers. Am also a big fan of "The Walking Dead" TV show, so I especially loved question #10 and her answer to it. I have always said that I would be a fighter and not a giver-upper in an end-of-the-world scenario, so I like knowing that Jackie and I have that in common and that we might meet up as survivors in a future zombie apocalypse! :-D

Holli Castillo said...

Thank you Jackie for joining me today. I enjoy the end of the world zombie apocalypse debate--I've already got a list of those I will eat first, starting with my student loan provider and moving on the credit card companies. (This is whether I turn into a zombie or not.)

Diane Kratz said...

Nice interview ladies! I'm sorry for your loss Jackie. (((BIG HUG))) going out to you! I love the Walking Dead TV show too! I'm with Hollie on turning into a zombie and eating the my student loan provider! LOL!

Jackie Taylor Zortman said...

Thank you, Holli, for having me as a guest interviewee (is that actually a word?) on your blog today. It was great fun for me and I think your blog is superb.