Monday, March 26, 2012

The Mystery Writers

A book of interviews of mystery writers and their advice on writing called "The Mystery Writers," edited by Jean Henry Mead has just been released, and it is a huge honor to be included among the writers. My interview and a short blog I wrote for the book is in the chapter for traditional mysteries, and I am in great company.

Other writers include Hank Phillippi Ryan, Leighton Gage, Pat Brown, Marilyn Meredith, Timothy Hallinan, Sue Grafton, Gerrie Ferris Finger, Julie Garwood, Mike Orenduff, Wendy Gager, Maggie Bishop, Chris Redding, Pat Browning, Sunny Frazier, and Vincent Zandri, just to name a few.

There is a lot of good advice from a lot of different perspectives, as well as interesting interviews of each writer. The book is informative and entertaining, and while I don't make anything from sales of the book, still recommend getting a copy or buying it on Kindle, for the advice on writing as well as the interesting backgrounds of the writers.

I have a little about my background as an attorney and can-can dancer, as well as the collision with a drunk driver right before Gumbo Justice was scheduled for release that pushed back my publication date and left me with a permanent limp.