Monday, September 14, 2009

GUMBO JUSTICE Featured at Bookland Heights

I am featured at for the week. Bookland Heights is a wonderful site that features a different author and his or her work every week. It is a nice bit of free publicity, but more importantly a way for the public to learn a little bit more about novels and the writers. I check it every week even when I'm not featured to see who's on it and to learn a little about other writers and their works.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My screenplay Angel Trap made the finals of the Page International Screenplay contest. The original entries have been narrowed down to the top ten in each category, and I think then they go to top three and then a winner, or it might just be winner in each cat and then the big winner. I'm just excited it has made it this far. I am still editing it, and as part of the prize from the Acclaim contest I can post it for free on a site where producers can access it. I put up my logline and synopsis already, but want the screenplay completely edited before I add it.

I was also featured on Author Meeting Place as author of the month for Gumbo Justice, which is a completely random thing where you enter information and they pick someone to feature. The feature also appears in a poetry magazine, which should be interesting. I have also had three people ask to review my novel from the websites I have put the book on, and I have asked two people who frequently do reviews to review the book. I have not gotten any reviews back yet, but at least the reviewers seem to have some slight interest.

I am also working on the follow up to Gumbo Justice, really trying to think of a catchy, accurate title. I'm having difficulty with trying to figure out how much to include from Gumbo Justice. Writing the second one is much tricker than writing the first, although the habits I have developed and the outline procedure I came up with writing Gumbo make some of the writing easier.

I also have another screenplay outlined, but have not found time to write it. It's a completely different character than anyone I've written, takes place in New Orleans, and has a bit of the supernatural in it, although I consider it a suspense thriller. More later.