Tuesday, November 19, 2013

John R. Lindermuth- Twelve Question Tuesday

Today I welcome John R. Lindermuth to Twelve Question Tuesday.

1.  Please tell me the three most important things people should know about you.   
JRL: I’m curious about everything. I’m not fond of change, but adaptable. And I’m patient. 

2.  Are you a dog person or a cat person?
JRL: Definitely dog.

3.  Tea or coffee?
JRL: I’ll drink both, but coffee (black and strong) is preferred.

4.  Boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, or commando? (Either what you prefer or what you prefer on others.)
JRL: Briefs, please.

5.  What was the first thing you ever wrote?
JRL: Aside from my name? I started drawing stories as soon as I could hold a pencil. When I’d accumulated some words, I started adding captions. Then at some point (pre-high school—I’m so ancient I can’t recall exactly when) I got the itch to emulate some of my favorite writers and began doing stories without pictures.

 6.  When did you finally decide to call yourself a writer?
JRL: Though I was already writing, my initial goal was to be either (or both) an artist and archaeologist. When our mutual uncle drafted me he didn’t need any artists and sent me to journalism school. That led to my becoming a newspaper reporter and later an editor. Stories and books were accumulating and I started seeking publication. A reporter is a writer. Somehow it didn’t actually feel official until that first magazine acceptance.

7.  Which of your works are you most proud to have written?
JRL: Writers love all their children. But one I especially favor is Watch The Hour, a historical novel about a police officer sworn to protect property of mine owners in the 1870s. His job makes him the enemy of Irish workers and he’s in love with an Irish lass.

8.  What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
JRL: Visiting the DMZ in Korea.

9.  How did you end up getting published?
JRL: Perseverance.

10.  Would you be food or fighter if the zombie apocalypse were to happen?JRL: I don’t believe in zombies, so I’d probably end up as food.

11.  What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
JRL: Raising children as a single parent.

12.  Would you rather be rich or famous--and you could only have one-- and why?  The fame would be based on something good, not something like being the best serial killer or anything like that.
JRL: If I were rich I’d only buy more books or make more visits to Mexico and other favorite places. I think I’d prefer the type of fame that comes with having done something people respect.


Sooner Than Gold:

Sylvester Tilghman, sheriff of Arahpot, Jordan County, Pennsylvania, has a murder victim with too many enemies.

There’s Claude Kessler, who is found standing with a knife in his hand over the body of Willis Petry. There’s Rachel Webber, Petry’s surly teen-aged stepdaughter, who admits an act intended to cause him harm. Then there’s the band of gypsies who claim Petry is the goryo who stole one of their young women.

Website: http://www.jrlindermuth.net

Buy link: http://www.amazon.com/author/jrlindermuth

Blog: http://jrlindermuth.blogspot.com


Jacqueline Seewald said...


A very interesting interview! I agree that the way to get published is to be persistent. Writers need the personality of a pit bull.

john M. Daniel said...

Good answers, John. Especially the one that says which kind of fame is most worth having.

Roxe Anne Peacock said...

Great book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sooner than Gold.

Patricia Gligor said...

Another wonderful "Twelve Question Tuesday" post. John is a very interesting man and a wonderful writer. I've read several of his books and loved them all!

Holli Castillo said...

John, thanks for joining me today for the interview. I love finding out these little tidbits about other writers.

Diane Kratz said...

Your books sounds fabulous! I also call my books my children. I keep finding all these great books, they are starting to pile up. Guess I'm going to have to add yours to it as well!

Love the blog! Your questions brought a smile to my face!
Diane Kratz

jrlindermuth said...

Thanks for providing the opportunity, Holli. And thanks for all the kind comments. I'm blushing.