Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Managing Time

I'm working on Chocolate City Justice, still revamping the outline but foraging ahead with the novel even though the outline is not completely revised yet.  While I'm trying to get the words down on the page and tell the story, I'm also doing my day jog, which I get to do from home, raising a family, and trying to promote.

Promotion is always a time-consuming chore. Just trying to figure out what to do can be daunting.  Finding time to do it can be even more so.

Lately, I've more or less settled on a schedule, at least for the summer when I can sleep later and don't have to worry about getting kids to school, going to parent meetings, or keeping up with homework.

So far, the schedule is a little off track. I did a spreadsheet, and included everything I needed to get done each day.  I included writing for an hour of day, 30 minutes of revising the outline, and then scheduled amounts of time to do all the work I needed to get done.

I haven't been able to strictly adhere to the schedule, but I'm working on it.  Maybe I don't do everything on the list every day, but I at least manage to get more done than before I had a schedule.  It's a start, anyway.