Friday, December 16, 2011

Jambalaya Justice Book Launch Party

I am finally having the book launch party for Jambalaya Justice, Saturday, December 17, at our bar, the Last Stand, 424 Destrehan in Harvey, LA. I say finally because the book was actually out in July, although we had it pulled once for some minor issues and re-issued. A few copies went out with the "issues", but I wanted to wait until the final version was out in hard copy and Kindle to officially launch the book.

Time kind of got away from me, as it has a habit of doing. I try to figure out where all the hours of the day go, and I can't seem to do it. I do keep busy with my youngest daughter's school as PTO president. Very busy. I also spend much of time on what I call my "job-job", criminal appeals for clients I get appointed to represent. Then I write legal articles every week for a publisher on Helium.

Oh, and did I forget to mention I write books? Not to mention have two kids, a husband, a cat, a dog, and some fish. Now I think I see where all the time goes, although I think I work on too schizophrenic of a level to categorize the time spent or put it on a chart.

I'm working on Chocolate City Justice right now. The third in the Crescent City Mystery Series will take Ryan, my protag, directly through hurricane Katrina. It kind of brings back bad memories, writing the book, but when I see how far we've come since then, it does tend to make me feel a little bit better. At least we don't have those post-Katrina flies the size of birds any longer. (My cup-still half full.)

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today, special guest and fellow PSWA member Bob Doerr, author of ANOTHER COLORADO KILL (and 3 other novels, with another on the way in 2012), joins me and explains why he chooses to write fiction. Bob has had a fascinating career in criminal investigations and counterintelligence in the military, which would explain why his books are so authentic and how he is able to come up with the ideas for his novels. He now writes full-time, which I greatly admire (and perhaps envy a little!)


by Bob Doerr

As an author of four fiction books,I’ve often been asked if I ever plan on writing a nonfiction book. It’s a simple question that I can give a simple answer to. Yes, I would like to. However, there really is a lot more to it, and that reality I find somewhat intimidating.

In fact, I’ve had fellow authors, more successful than me, come up to me and say, “I write nonfiction. I don’t think I could ever come up with enough ideas to write fiction. I’m sure that I would get writer’s block on every page. It’s so much easier to write nonfiction.”

I hear them, and I want to believe them, but are they really just playing with me? I remember a high school teacher once admonishing me about the history paper I had submitted as part of a test. “Bob, anybody can make up stuff. I expect my students to do a little studying and write about what did happen.” The sad part is that I had studied.

Maybe, making things up simply comes natural for me. I remember one autumn day driving through Maryland with my wife and five year old daughter. “Look at those leaves,” I told my daughter. “All those colors are caused by little elves that come out at night and paint the leaves when the weather turns cold.”

“Daddy, I thought it had something to do with chlorophyll.” No lie, that’s exactly what she said. It floored me, but she explained her first grade teacher had explained the photosynthesis process that same day in school.

Writing book length non-fiction and making it interesting to read has got to be really difficult. I admire those that can do it. The research, documentation, organization, and everything else that goes into writing a nonfiction book infers hard work. I mean isn’t it easier to blame it on the elves than to learn the real science?

I enjoy reading nonfiction and there are a lot of real stories out there that interest me and beg to be told. I have a couple in mind and hope to get to them some day, but in the meantime, I’ll stay focused in my world of make believe, sinister plots, murder and mayhem. Oh, it’s so much easier!


Bob Doerr grew up in a military family, graduated from the Air Force Academy, and thenhad a twenty eight year career of his own in the Air Force. It was a life style that exposed him to the people and cultures of numerous countries in Asia, Europe and to most of these United States.

Bob specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage and terrorism. His field of work brought him into close contact and coordination with the investigative and security agencies of many different countries and with the FBI and CIA. This background has helped Bob develop the fictional plots and characters in his books.

His education credits include a Masters in International Relations from Creighton University. Bob is now a full time author, with four mystery/thrillers already published and a fifth to be released in the fall, 2012. Two of his books, Cold Winter’s Kill and Loose Ends Kill, were selected as finalists for the Eric Hoffer Award. Loose Ends Kill was also awarded the 2011 Silver medal for Fiction/mystery by the Military Writers Society of America. He lives in Garden Ridge, Texas, with Leigh, his wife of 38 years.