Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bad Wolf Productions Indie Short Film Fest

Bad Wolf Productions is accepting short film submissions for the Bad Wolf Productions Indie Short Film Fest.  All selections chosen will be shown Saturday, February 20, 2016, at 9:00 p.m. at the Zeitgeist Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana.  A short reception will follow. 


1.  All entries must be received by January 24, 2016.

2.  While we prefer films of ten minutes or less so we can showcase as many films as possible, all films will be reviewed.  If your film is a masterpiece, we will not disqualify it because of length.

3.  All genres are eligible.

4.  We have no rules as far as profanity, nudity, violence, or gore, but we do have to consider what is appropriate for a public audience.

5.  All entries must be submitted via a Vimeo link, minimum requirement 720p but 1080p preferred.  The download button must be present.  If you password protect, please be sure to provide the password.

6.  The Vimeo link must be emailed to badwolfproductions@cox.net and include the name the filmmaker wants associated with the film, the city, state, and country where the film was shot, if the film has premiered anywhere and if so, where, and if it has received any awards in any film competitions. Include your password as well if your film is password protected.

7.  If your film is chosen, you will be required to sign an agreement certifying that you have all of the necessary actor, crew, music, property, location, etc. releases and have cleared anything that needs to be cleared. This must be either scanned and emailed or printed and faxed back to us by February 7, 2016. If the filmmaker is under 18, his or her parent must also sign the agreement.

8.  There is no entry fee and no fee for admission.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of our receipt of the film. If you do not, please email us to verify receipt.

Notification of films accepted will be emailed and posted by January 30, 2016.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016

So it's a new year, that time when I make resolutions I have no intention of keeping and plan to be a better person.  This year will be different, right? Not so much.  

So with the idea in mind that I probably won't keep them anyway, here are my ten resolutions for 2016:

1.  Try to be less adorable.  It's hard. As I get older, it's a natural progression that I get more precious. I'm too old to be beautiful or sexy or even really pretty, so I'll take adorable.  But since I probably won't keep this resolution anyway, I'm going to pretend to try.

2.  Pay off my bills.  I can barely write that with a straight face. I'll go right from this blog to some online shopping trying to catch New Year's deals.  I just cleaned out my closet from last year, and it is looking hungry.

3.  Lose weight. Okay, this one I probably will keep, the most difficult one, the one no one keeps. Because I lost 30 pounds in 2015.  Really, since September 22, which is when I started walking on a tread climber to rehab my legs from a head on collision in 2008.  Yes, it has taken me that long to decide I was ready.  I hate to write down how much I've lost, although I'm kind of proud of it, because anyone who actually knows me will then realize how fat I was because they can see how much weight I still have to lose.  But I lost another pound during Thanksgiving and managed to maintain during Christmas, even with being out of town, so I think I'll keep this one going.

4.  Quit cursing.  Like hell I will.  I am a lawyer. I am a writer. I am a good person. I feed stray cats and all three of my dogs and my two cats were rescues.  I was the PTO president at my daughters' school for a year and on the board a bunch of years.  I give bums dollars.  Sometimes fives.  I over tip, even when the service is crappy.  I pray for strangers on Facebook even though I am completely not religious.  If I want to curse, I'm going to curse. Even good people need a stress outlet.

5.  Quit treating driving like a competition. I'm a Sagittarius.  Everything is a competition.

6.  Finish writing book three and four of my series with Oak Tree Press.  This is another one I'll actually do. Chocolate City Justice Part 1, The Party, has a July release date, and Part Two, The Storm, a December release. Not finishing isn't an option.

7.  Organize my office.  Nah. I prefer working in the living room anyway.

8.  Make the hubby finish renovating the bathroom he started in 1999.  If it hasn't happened yet, it probably won't.

9.  Walk the dogs.  We have a big back yard, I'm not sure why that's even a thing.

10.  Be a better person.  This one I always try. I don't know if it's really fair to call it a resolution. I mean, who really tries to be a worse person?

January of 2017 I'll look back and check my progress.  Wish me luck.