Sunday, February 14, 2016

And the winners are...

The 2016 Bad Wolf Productions Indie Short Film Fest is less than a week away, Saturday, February 20th, at 9:00 p.m.

We received an amazing 1,050 entries from 80 different countries, from the shortest of 15 seconds to the longest of a little over an hour.  I personally watched over a thousand short films.

It was not easy or simple, but we narrowed down the selections to 115 minutes of screen time.

 The 2016 Bad Wolf Indie Short Film Fest Official Selections:

 A Friend by Erwann Kerroc’h
Beg by Kyle Wigginton
Canned by Tanya Zaman
Coldstream by Nicholas Chia, Yang Sishuo, Yeo Shiyun, Goh Peng Fong
Cradle by Zanyar Lofti
Dead at the Door by Nick Pollard
Exit Zone by Mark S. Wright
Milk and Honey by M. Tayler Samardick
Poor Man’s Lunch Date by Nick Blady
Red Handed by Edward Andrews
Rent Money by Harrison Carr
Ruby by Larry Woldenberg
Sinners by Steve Hall
Slinky by Rianne Stremmelaar
The Watcher by Cynthia Bergen

Because it's a Bad Wolf event, there will of course be a few surprises thrown in the mix, so mark your calendars for February 20th.

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