Thursday, December 3, 2009

Working On Now

This weekend, I'll be selling signed copies of Gumbo Justice at a Holiday Bazaar in Metairie. It should be an interesting experience, as I've never sold books anywhere that wasn't directly related to writers and writing.

Currently, I'm working on the follow up, titled Jambalaya Justice. I'm pretty sure I'll keep the title.

I'm also waiting to learn the fate of Angel Trap in a few other screenplay contests. It's kind of frustrating to make it to semi-finals and finals and even second place but never quite grab the first place slot. I guess for my first screenplay it's a good start, but I'm trying to figure out what keeps it from winning number one.

I am also still marketing Gumbo Justice, which becomes more difficult as more time passes. Hopefully I can do enough publicity to keep some interest until the second book comes out.

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