Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gumbo Justice, Angel Trap and Jambalaya Justice

Book sales for Gumbo Justice at the Bazaar went pretty well. It was a little too cold for my liking, but it was a clear day and a nice crowd showed up and I sold a few books, so it was all good. I have to say it was interesting talking to people for a change. I'm holed up in my house a great majority of the time, especially since the car wreck, and getting out in the fresh air and chatting with strangers who like to read was a welcomed distraction.

As for Angel Trap, I'm still waiting on a few contests placings, some I won't find out until next year. I also found out I placed second in a screenwriting contests that was not based upon Angel Trap, but upon writing assignments we were given. It was pretty cool, an international contest, and with second place I won entry into a six-month online screenwriting course I've really wanted to take but didn't want to put out the money.

Last, I'm working on Jambalaya Justice, the follow up to Gumbo Justice, hoping to have it ready in time so my publisher will release it in June. I would like to be one of those writers who puts out a new book a year, and would hate to go over that time frame, so I'm hard at work.

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