Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jambalaya Justice Excerpt for Sneak Peak Sunday

Below is an excerpt from Jambalaya Justice, the second in the Crescent City Mystery Series, for Sneak Peak Sunday:

Assistant district attorney Ryan Murphy let the jumbled thoughts brew in her mind like the coffee and chicory that once percolated in the battered silver pot on the dead woman’s stove.

She fought the urge to close Cherry’s eyes.  Regardless of whether the cause was biological or chemical, the woman couldn’t see anything now.  She was smiling, though, or so it seemed, dying the way she lived, with a gold-capped grin spread across her ebony face.

Ryan remembered that smile and the way Cherry called everyone baby.  She also remembered Cherry’s help, which had saved Ryan’s ass on more than one occasion.

And now Cherry was dead, her pit-stained tank pushed up to reveal a bloody, makeshift tattoo.

If anything would salve Ryan’s conscience, it was that crude smiley face, cut just above Cherry’s right breast.  The bodies of two other prostitutes had recently been found bearing the same mark, making Cherry’s lifestyle the more likely reason for her untimely death than Ryan’s tenuous connection to her.

Either way, Ryan doubted she would get much sleep tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Love the peek. I'm very intrigued about this story now.

Holli said...

Anne, thanks. I am glad I found the site for the Sneak Peaks because I've found new writers to read I don't think I would have run across.


Ally Shields said...

I love mysteries, and this sounds good!

Jen said...

Oh very interesting. I want to know more!

Anna Zabo said...

Wow. Powerful snippet. Very interested to find out more!

Holli said...

Ally, Jen, Anna, thanks for the comments. This is the opening (minus the first paragraph) of my novel Jambalaya Justice by Oak tree Press. It's funny I skipped the first paragraph because I didn't think it told enough of the story to use my 10 sentences on it. Glad what I posted captured your attention.