Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview on Morgen Bailey's Blog

An interview for Jambalaya Justice is up at Morgan Bailey's blog at
Morgan Bailey is an extremely nice person and an excellent interviewer. She has a way of making an interview spring from the page and not sound so, well, interview-ish. I have not yet had the chance to read any of her writer, but hope to soon.

There is also an excerpt from the third in the series, Chocolate City Justice, which is in progress.

On to another topic, my contest winner, Pamela Briggs, who won the naming of a character in Jambalaya Justice (she picked a stripper), and who I now consider a friend, visited me in New Orleans a few weeks back and I have to say we had a fantastic time.

I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect, wondering if she would run out of our bar screaming, thinking we were insane. I don't know is she thinks we're crazy or not, but she didn't run out and we had a great time talking about family, mysteries, reading, and our rival football teams. It's amazing how much you can have in common with someone you've never met who lives all the way across the country. I can't wait for her and her husband two come visit us again. (And Pam, I finally got my copies of Jambalaya Justice with the new cover, so I'll be sending out your copy soon if you're reading this!)

Now I am busy working on promoting, as well as writing Chocolate City Justice, working on my cases for my "job-job", writing legal articles for my other "job-job", and doing what I need to as president of my youngest daughter's school co-op (similar to PTA or PTO.)

I can always sleep when I'm dead.

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