Friday, March 6, 2009


I am still in the midst of re-writing Bernie Angel, and am torn between the titles Angel Hunt, or Angel Trap. Both are applicable, but trying to determine which one sounds the most like a catchy movie title is the problem.

The rewrite is not coming along as fast as I had hoped, mainly because I had a significant amount of rewriting to do. I thought my original was fine, good even. I paid for two critiques, being new to this type of work. One was much kinder than the other, although both noted two problems that I hadn't seen. (My husband, strangely enough, had seen one of them.)

I did an initial rewrite, changing just the two issues both professionals had noted. They were easy fixes. Then I started thinking about the harsher critique, and realized a lot of what he said was true. While I didn't agree with every point he made, I agreed with the major ones. So I had to rethink some key issues, and how some key characters interacted.

I like constructive criticism. There is little point in writing if it's going to turn out to be crap, and if I write something nobody gets, I would like to do my best to make sure they get it.

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