Friday, September 19, 2008

Gumbo Justice

While waiting for the release of my first novel, Gumbo Justice, I decided to start a blog about the other things I am working on. Since my novel isn't scheduled to come out until late summer or early fall 2009, I have plenty of time to work on my other projects.

A little about Gumbo Justice- Set in pre-Katrina New Orleans, the novel features 27-year-old Ryan Murphy, a female New Orleans prosecutor not without her share of personal problems. Highly competitive, Ryan is on track to the Elite Strike Force Division, when her life is sidetracked by a series of murders that have a connection to her. At first it seems as if the culprit is trying to please her, but eventually Ryan realizes that the killer won't be happy until she is dead. With her family of cops and her blossoming relationship with a Homicide detective, she should be safe. But the killer is someone she never suspects, and the end she will have to save herself if she wants to survive.

My plan for Gumbo Justice is to follow Ryan in a series, through Katrina and then post-Katrina New Orleans. I have outlined one more novel before Katrina, that is about 1/3 complete, plus the Katrina novel, which is almost 1/2 finished.

In addition to the Gumbo series, I am working on 2 screenplays, one a science fiction action movie and one a supernatural thriller. I have only begun the preliminaries and outlines on these, but with all of the crappy movies I seen lately I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

I may be posting sample chapters of future novels at some point, and will definitely post when it is closer to the release date of Gumbo Justice.

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